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Who are we?

High Flying Drone Shots are a family run business located on the London/Herts border. We have been involved with drones & Photography for the last 8 years. We appreciate the value that aerial photography & Videography can add to your business or social media platforms. We understand this, not only on a technical level but on a marketing level too. This is what pushes us to give a professional & high standard of service to our clients. 

The five simple phases to our process

Initial Call

Phase 1 - Information

We will collect information on what content you require, the location of the shoot & what format you require us to use. At this stage we can also get a feel for what you are expecting from the result. 

Research Gathering

Phase 2 - Research

After the call we will proceed with preflight planning, this will include collecting information on restricted or no fly zones such as airports, prisons & SSSIs. We will then put a quote together for the work we will provide, if agreed by the client, we will go ahead & gain the required permissions if necessary. 


Phase 3 - Filming/photography

On the day of the flight, our fully authorized CAA drone operators will observe weather conditions & conduct preflight safety checks on the drones being used. The lead person on site will then be informed of a drone flight taking place, we will then lift the drone & commence flight. 

Post-processing (optional)

Phase 4 - Editing

Once we are back at our office, we then present you the opportunity to perform any edits that are required, using Adobe Creative Cloud. This could include subtle edits like cropping, or more advanced processes like colour grading or exposure adjustment.


Phase 5 - Final handover

We are delighted to send you the RAW footage from the shoot, as well as edited versions. The handover can be done via your choice of either Google Drive or WeTransfer. After the project is complete, you are, of course, welcome to contact us with any questions.

"High Flying Drone Shots produce some really stunning, high-quality aerial photographs, one of which we used on the cover of our local magazine, The Three Villages. A highly professional service."

Anna Bond, Google Review

Some of our happy customers include...

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