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Taking your business to                         new heights  

For high flying drone shots , taking photographs is more than a profession. It’s a true passion. We love to capture genuine moments and have the ability to frame our images in interesting and unique ways. All our pilots are CAA approved, Holding PFCO & GVC permissions, full public liability commercial insurance & a selection of DJI drones to select from for each individual client. If it's aerial property photos, roof inspections & surveys, marketing shots or anything that a ground camera will struggle to capture your content then get in touch for more information, and share your ideas with our in house team.


What we offer

Why High Flying Drone Shots?

Almost everyone now knows and understands the effectiveness of high impact images, particularly aerial photography and video, in grabbing the attention and turning visitors into customers, but putting that into practice has in the past often been too time-consuming, expensive and unpredictable. That's all changed. Simple but effective movies can be created for a lot less than you might imagine, and our range of versatile drones can quickly and easily get you the kind of photos or footage that no other medium can.


How we work



We are there to help you plan, prepare and safely integrate drones into your production or project by providing expert knowledge



Our team of CAA approved & PFCO certificate holding pilots will ensure that you're able to maximise the potential of our drones for your next film, photoshoot or survey. 



Our in house editing team will transform the drone footage to fit perfectly into your project. We can also send the raw files

directly to you


Logged flight hours


Percent safety record


Completed projects



We don't bite! Contact us about all things flight and film...

We're here to help and have years of experience

Call us on: 07975790714

Email: highflyingdroneshots@gmail.com

Taking your business to new hights

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River Meads, Stanstead Abbotts, SG12 8EL

t: 07975790714

e: highflyingdroneshots@gmail.co.uk

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